The Breed

The Australian Labradoodle

Looking for a best friend, one that will make you laugh, and on the other hand gaze deeply into your soul with the prettiest eyes? One that loves cuddles, being near and belly rubs? Well, the Australian Labradoodle does all this, and more.

The Australian Labradoodle is a versatile breed, one that will go with you everywhere, doing almost everything. Running, skiing, hiking, boating, training or simply just relaxing, they can join in on all the fun. Australian Labradoodles are superb athletes, they are great in Agility and other dog sports.

The Australian Labradoodle is intuitive and intelligent, they are ideal as therapy and service dogs, as well as a friendly companion for all kinds of families.

But even though the Australian Labradoodle may seem like the perfect dog, it is important to know that to get a near perfect companion, it requires a lot of work, love and training. A dog is never a quick fix. We can give you a good starting point in a puppy, one that has potenially many great qualities, but the rest is up tp their new families. Socialization, time, patience, boundaries, safety, training and a whole lot of love is some very key ingredients in raising a puppy to become an all round confident, sturdy and sound dog.

Breed history

A labradoodle is a cross between a purebred lab and purebred poodle, either standard or miniature. The breed was first developed in Australia in the 1970’s when the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia was working to create an allergy friendly guide dog and has since become a popular pet due to the allergy friendly and low to no shed coat coupled with an easy going, friendly disposition.

Word spread on the assets of this new breed, and breeders in Australia started to work with the idea of improving and refining the breed. Soon breeders from around the globe joined in to develop the Australian Labradoodle we all know and love today.

Although different breeds were used in the initial fine tuning of the breed, today in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe three breeds are now used to make the Australian Labradoodle: Labrador Retriever, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel (English or American). At this point in time these are the only three breeds which may still be infused into the Australian Labradoodle, according to WALA Rules and Regulations.


Breed standard

General Appearance 
The Australian Labradoodle moves with agility and grace when active yet is compact with substance and medium boning. Brimming with joy and energy when free, they become relaxed and quiet when handled. Australian Labradoodles have a free flowing wavy or curly coat that is low to non-shedding. Early generation Labradoodles used for infusion have greater variability in coat.

The Australian Labradoodle is naturally social and bonds well with their human companions. Overflowing with joy and fun, they bring endless amusement and happiness to those around them. The Labradoodle is intuitive and intelligent, showing exceptional love and loyalty to those with special needs. Easily trained, the Labradoodle is an ideal companion for families of all kinds.

There should be no appreciable difference in the general appearance of the Standard, Medium, or Miniature sizes except in the actual size difference. Approximate weight can range from 15 pounds to 65 pounds. Height is measured to the top of the shoulder blades (withers) while standing squarely on a level surface.

Height: 35cm to 43cm

Height: 43cm to 53cm

Height: 53cm to 63cm


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