Our dogs

At our house the dogs are primarily family members. They live with us and are a very important part of our family. Puppies born here grow up in our house, with kids and other dogs. We spend time socializing at the hairdresser, town square, in shops and meeting different kinds of people. I put so much in to it when we have puppies, cause I want them to have the best start, so they can be the best Australian Labradoodles they can when they leave our house.

We always follow up puppies and their new families closely. I want new owners to be successful and to feel they have the help they need, when they need it. And I want my grand babies to have the best start and the best life possible in their new homes.

At Magnolia of Norway is is about quality, not quantity. We strive to breed the best puppies we can, not as many as we can.

In my breeding I focus on health and temperament, the two most important things, at least in my mind. Looks are second, a puppy is always adorable and you will love him or her for life either way. But I want you to have a healthy dog that can stay with you for as long as possible.

Meet the crew

Click on the pictures to meet our ALD’s.

So far we have Cleo, but we are looking forward to expanding our crew in the near future.

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