About me

My name is Carina and I live in Norway, specifically in the beautiful seaside town of Drøbak, just outside Oslo. I live here with my hubby, three lovely boys and our precious dogs, Molly, Bella and Cleo.

Since I was a little girl I have loved animals and my heart skips an extra beat for the fury four-legged wonderful creatures called dogs. I think I have had dogs in my home almost all my life, and the joy of a companion like that when you grow up, is something I want my boys to experience too.

I grew up with a Great Pyrenees dog and Bearded Collies. When my husband and I were to get our first dog together, the one we call our first born, we decided on a Basset Hound. Perfect for our lifestyle then. Not too much energy, not complete couch potato, and with a ton of personality. Albert was the perfect dog in every way for us, until he walked over the rainbow bridge.

During my time with Albert, I got so caught up in the obedience training of dogs, that I educated myself to become an obedience trainer (Oslo Hundeskole). This education gave me a lot of valuable knowledge and insight into this fascinating creature. I have since also become a Physio- and rehabilitation therapist for dogs and run my own clinic, Klinikk Magnolia.

When boy number three came along and he became a toddler, the craving for a fury face to burry myself in was getting too strong. It was time to get a four-legged family member again. After reading the encyclopedia of dog breeds from cover to cover, we decided on one we couldn’t find there. Not because we couldn’t find the perfect dog for us there, but because this new breed had a lot of qualities that caught our attention. We decided on an Australian Cobberdog and have never regret that desicion.

A dream of mine has always been to become a small breeder, a dream that came true with Kennel Magnolia and breeding Australian Cobberdogs. But for some time now I have had an extra interest in the Australian Labradoodle, a breed close to the one I work with now, but still different. I have watched it closely, seen its beauty and experienced its qualities. Now I have taken the step to become an Australian Labradoodle breeder as well and can not wait to begin this adventure too.

Cleo from Nordic Cobbers has her heritage deep in the Labradoodle and has been approved by WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) as an Australian Labradoodle, so she will be our first founding stone in this new adventure.

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